Personal Computer Networks Set Up: What Types Of Wire You Have To Know

Computer network normally use a LAN cable for its transmission media. Before having a computer network, we must know about the lan cable and how to use it. An excellent computer networks design is the primary requirement to make computer network so it is easily maintained and dependable. Understanding the LAN cable can be very handy. Below are some kinds of cables utilized in the Internet network:

Coaxial LAN wire

This is an old cable systems which is used in Ethernet 10Base2 and 10Base5. Other terms of 10Base2 is is thicknet and other term of 10Base5 is thinnet mainly because it uses slimmer cable.

Ethernet coaxial wire types found in the lan network is very popular in the past. This wire could be laid along 500 meters for a single network section. Coaxial wire is pretty costly and can only transmit data at speeds of 10Mbps. The cable is then much less popular compared to UTP cable.

Why should an organization take into account putting in an ethernet cable extender rather than a repeater? Here we check out reasons for picking the extender over the repeater.

UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) and STP (Shielded twisted pair)

Two of these cables possess an identical shape. But UTP is much more popular. This wire contains 4 pairs of wires twisted around one another with unique color codes and wrapped in plastic.

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UTP wire with an excellent twist reduces interference, attenuation and cross talk. The max length of UTP wire that can be used is 100 meters. If more than that then the transmission will be weakened.

Cat5e UTP wire can be used for data transmission with rates up to 1 Gbps. Cat5e wire has a much more twist and much better nylon isolation. So the quality of UTP cable can be determined from the amount of twisting.

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Kinds of UTP Cables

1. UTP Cat 1 is used for phone network

2. UTP Cat 2 that has a speed of 4 Mbps can be used for token ring network

3. UTP Cat 3 with rate of 10 Mbps can be used for telephone network

4. UTP Cat 4 with rate of 16 Mbps is suitable for token ring networks

5. UTP Cat 5 with a speed up to 1 Gbps is perfect for computer networks

6. UTP Cat 5e with speed up to 1 Gbps have a relatively low interference level therefore it is good for personal computer networks

7. UTP Cat 6 with speed more than 1 Gbps

Identification of UTP Cables

To utilize UTP wire, you must remember the combination of UTP cables to be used. Two standard of UTP cabling employed are:

1. T568A, which is used for straight UTP cable where it has equal cable layout on both ends of the wire.

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2. T568B, which is used for cross over connection where the layout of wires on both ends using different configuration

How to connect equipments that we use

You may use straight cable to link a PC to a switch. To connect two PCs directly you should use cross-over UTP cable. To make a crossover wire, use network toolkit you have.

Fiber optic

This type of cable is wire with an extremely high speed data so it is ideal for computer network. Fiber optic characteristic are:

Has longer range

Expensive in price

Not vulnerable to electromagnetic interference

May be used at speed of 10 Gbps

Two forms of modes in the fiber optic:

1. Multimode

2. Single mode

Back to the original problem, how to make a computer network for our workplace using our understanding of the wire above? You can use a crossover UTP wire. Crossover wire may be used to connect all the switches. UTP wire may be plug in the trunk port on each switch. Use networking toolkit to do this. While the drop wire is used to connect computers to the switch. You can use a straight UTP cat 5e wire to get maximum outcomes. Maximum wire length is 100 meters. Wall jack is used to connect computers to the switch thus the space will look more nice. Patch panels are used to tidy up the wires used by the switch. With these two things we could make great arrangement of cables. Always use computer network toolkit to arrange the wires.

A lot of us get our networking tools from our Internet Service Provider, Also known as ISP. You know the people who you pay for your internet. Usually, a hopefully good technician comes out, and installs it for you.

You may use this scenario to create computer network in your workplace. For simple maintenance in the future if there is a trouble, you must give numbers on all the cables you use. In addition, you also need to record all of this numbering. You then definitely should also know that the wire has a primary enemy, that is the rat. Rats could eat these cables. You must protect it using cable duct to prevent being eaten by rat.

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